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Nine Lives And Counting

Rock fall in the mountains happens all the time. These events are explosive, immediate, and usually happen so fast there is usually no time to react. What I remember most about my own experiences is the utter violence and power of these events. In August of 1976 I witnessed a large portion of a mountainside

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When The Mountain Howls

The wind, the breezes, moving air. After forty years of mountaineering I have a thing about the wind. In the high places near the cliffs, the walls, and massive peaks the wind is always moving, first one way and then another. Sometimes the wind is welcome—a cooling elixir on a hot day. At other times

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Throat of the Dragon

I edged away from the main line, drifted toward the wall on the left and pointed my light into the hole that I saw there. The low ceiling pushed me to the floor of the passage where the silt rose up threatening the visibility. I lowered my head and turned my light inside the worm

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