What is the mission of Boomer 100?

The mission of Boomer 100 is to inspire baby boomers to enhance their lives. We workout in the gym and have hobbies that we deem to be more important than our work lives.  We are a creative group of people that love life and want to live each day like it is our last day on the planet. We only get one shot at this party and we want to make the most of it.

Who is the voice behind the mayhem?

I am Peter Delannoy, the creative voice behind Boomer 100. I am a writer and have a visceral urge for adventure and want to share this aspect of my life with other people who have similar urges. In my younger years I spent most of my free time rock climbing and mountaineering throughout the western USA. During that phase of my life I managed to complete approximately 400 first ascents in the western USA and was a full-time guide for Exum Mountain Guides in Moose, Wyoming.  Now I cave dive and I am teaching myself how to long board. I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife Linda, a cat named Pooser and have an amazing daughter, Tanner, who is finishing her last year in college.


Want to contribute?

Our source of inspiration is you. Boomer 100 features the stories of baby boomers who push fitness, adventure, and lifestyle to the extreme. We dare you to dream. If you would like to send us your stories or if you want to collaborate see our Contact Page.