Restaurant Reviews, Tulum, Mexico

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The goal of this post is to provide the traveler with an honest review of eating establishments in Tulum, Mexico. I use a three star system with three stars being the best. I will provide a photograph so that you can find the restaurant easily. The average cost for one person and the type of food that was eaten is also provided.


Antojitos el Tio Manuel: 2 stars. Approximately two or three blocks down main street past the first light on the right. Omelets of all kinds, 80 pesos including coffee. Local establishment, decent food, Spanish intensive. I eat here frequently.


La CoQueta: 3 stars. At the first stop light entering Tulum look to the right across the intersection. Make a right turn and catch a U-turn at your first opportunity. Variety of food. I had the Omelet Mexicana and Cafe Americana for 110 pesos. The food and coffee were excellent. Mixed Spanish and English. La CoQueta also serves lunch and dinner.

Dinner: 2 stars. I ordered chicken tacos. They were good but not excellent. La CoQueta is a better breakfast spot than dinner spot.


Lunch and Dinner

La Querida Pizzeria: 3 stars. As you pass through the second light entering Tulum and the main street this restaurant is on the left a few blocks down the street. I had pizza here and it was excellent. The bill was 250 pesos and included the pizza and two beers.



El Mariachi Loco: 3 stars. From the second light as you enter Tulum this restaurant is down a few blocks on the right side of main street. Any of the five-taco plates are excellent. Tacos and three beers were 284 pesos.



Il Bocconcino: 1 star. This restaurant is found past the first light several blocks down main street on the right side of the road. I had pizza and three beers. The tab was 250 pesos. The pizza wasn’t cooked and was served cold and the service was not so good.



Sale Pepe: 2 stars. This restaurant is found on the corner at the first traffic light coming into Tulum on the far right corner of the street. I had pizza and three beers for $280 pesos. The pizza was just Ok.



Imilagrito Mezcaleria: 2 stars. This restaurant is found on the side street just kitty-corner to La Querida Pizzeria. The easiest way to find this eatery is to find La Querida Pizzeria on the main street, go there and you will find Imilagrito Mezcaleria in the corridor to the left as you face away from main street. I had the Mexicana Burrito and two beers for 180 pesos.



Dragon Volador: 2 stars. This restaurant is found on the left side of the main street after passing through the second traffic light. The food is served buffet style and in large portions. This is a great place for lunch especially if you are super hungry. No alcohol at this location though so cold drinks are water, sodas, or the usual non-alcoholic beverages.


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