Troubleshooting the 7 Day Meal Plan

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Meal Logistics

Stick to the organization of the fasting/ eating windows. Two of the biggest factors effecting blood sugar are what you eat and when you eat it. Our system is tested and we’ve gotten good results for our clients using this system so please stick to it.

Add salt to all your food. Add more salt than you think. You need about 11-12 grams of table salt per day. This seems like a lot but it is not. On a low carb eating plan your kidneys send water and salt into the urine. So salt up your food and consider drinking some high salt chicken broth over the course of the day.

The three key spices are salt, pepper, and Tajin. Dill is used on the salmon. These are the only spices that you need.

Fats: Use butter, avocado oil, olive oil, Ghee, Beef Tallow, and bacon grease. Do NOT use canola or soybean oil or any other vegetable oil.

Food Labels

Anything that we have on the food list that comes in a package, bottle, or any kind of a container, has a food label that you must inspect. On the label you will find a category called Total Carbohydrates. Inspect the total carbs carefully and make sure that the number is 1 gram per serving or less! If this number is greater than 1 gram per serving put the item back and shop for a different brand.

Do Not Change The Recipes With Add-Ins
Remember that the goal is to lower your blood sugar in seven days. With this said, be really careful about adding in supplemental ingredients. We have tested these meals and we know that they work. One of the key acronyms that we use is NO GPS. That is, no Grains (includes rice of all shapes and forms), Potatoes (regular, yam, or sweet potato), or added Sugar (includes honey, agave, dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, etc.).

We’ve all used the following phrase or we’ve heard it: “Surely just a little can’t hurt!” Actually it can hurt and sabotage your 7 day journey. So the key issue is to say NO!

Try our system the way it is. If you like the results then you can slowly build on the recipes slowly and carefully to continue your low blood sugar journey. Take things one step at a time.

Blood Testing/Finger Sticking/CGM
If you have purchased our eating plan because you want to lower your blood sugar its a good idea to know you fasting blood sugar (glucose) before you start our program. In fact, you should plan ahead for this awesome week of blood sugar lowering meals by making sure that you can measure fasting glucose and ketones. Ketones are produced by your body when you lower the carbs and is a way to know how successful you are with the meal plan.

To measure glucose and ketones together we recommend the Keto-Mojo meter:


To measure ketones, but not glucose, you have the option of ketone pee strips or a breath analyzer:

Keto Strips and Biosense Breathalyzer

We recommend that that you gather your blood data: fasting blood sugar values so that you can have an average before you start the meal plan. It is also recommended that you test your fasting glucose regularly while on the eating plan and also at another time during the day consistently throughout the week. Measure your ketones at the same time that you measure your blood glucose. Record both values in a notebook. Keep track of your numbers and calculate your averages at the end of the seven days.

At the end of the program you should see a difference in the averages where the plan average is lower than where you started.

Remember from the disclaimer that we are not prescribing a medical cure or treatment to lower blood sugar. If you are diabetic or have other health issues and are under the care of a doctor make sure to discuss any dietary changes that you might be considering in advance of trying the MAKESME Healty program.

Congratulations! You’ve come to the beginning of your blood sugar lowering journey! What should you do now?

Look at the menu and sketch on paper in your own words the eating plan. Rewriting helps you to understand how it cycles and cements the global plan in your mind.

Go through your kitchen and make sure you have the correct pots, pans, baking sheets, etc.

Print out the shopping list.

Shop. You may have to shop at more than one store.

We recommend starting on a Sunday night and cook the pork loin along with the accompanying salad and vegetables so as to have leftovers for the mid-day meal on Day 1.

Are you ready? Go Start!

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