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You’ve come to the right place if you want to lower your blood sugar with our seven day eating plan. My name is Dr. Pete and I am a Ph.D biochemist and certified health coach devoted to helping people lower their blood sugar and improve their diabetes. More importantly, is the fact that I was also diabetic and successfully lowered my blood sugar using this meal plan and have successfully coached others to achieve the same success. Lowering your blood sugar means that you can also be diabetes free. Think about that for a minute: diabetes free! Welcome to a new possibility!

Just get started with our seven day eating plan. See and feel the results for yourself and understand that you are well on your way to mastering this important blood sugar lowering lifestyle. Our MAKESME Healthy 7 day system is effortless: all you have to do is buy the food and cook the meals defined in our plan. We provide the step-by-step recipes and shopping list for you to be successful.

It’s not complicated!

We boil things down and make it simple. We provide everything you need with the exact meal plan covering breakfast through dinner over seven blood sugar lowering days. We also include everything you need to cook the food: a list of spices, fats, and the basics of reading food labels. We provide bonus tips about hydration and electrolyte balances and even potential social eating situations that can sabotage your efforts to lower blood sugar.

Our system was developed from the evidence-based eating plans developed by Virta Health and promoted by Low Carb USA and the Nutrition Network. In 2020 the American Diabetes Association recommended the low carb eating plan as the most important first line of defense to regain blood sugar control. People everywhere use this eating plan to lower their blood sugar and even reverse diabetes and now you can too.

As long as you stick to the eating plan and eat the defined meals herein you will lower your blood sugar. Additionally, if you choose to extend the lifestyle beyond seven days you will also benefit in other ways including the reduction of your A1C and improve your cardiovascular system (requires long term commitment). Ultimately you can take back your health and your life! So let’s get started by waylaying any fears that you might have about the low carb lifestyle!

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